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“Introducing Solo Female Travel in Japan.
Here we are in the heart of Kyoto, in a cafe in Kawaramachi.

This cafe not only offers delicious ramen but also specializes in exquisite sweets like croffles (croissant turned into waffles) and churros. The cafe is named ‘Moon and Back,’ a phrase symbolizing love as vast as the distance to the moon and back. We’ll also explore a Japanese legend about the moon and a rabbit.

The moon’s surface has patterns of different colors due to basaltic and anorthosite rocks. In many Asian countries, these patterns are seen as the shape of a rabbit. According to traditional Japanese belief, the moon rabbit is pounding mochi with a pestle and mortar. This image has strong Chinese cultural influences, where the rabbit is said to be making not mochi but an elixir of immortality.

After enjoying the moon and delicate Japanese sweets at this lovely cafe, it’s just a 3-minute walk to a women-only capsule hotel. We’re heading to ‘MAJA HOTEL KYOTO’ in the central Kawaramachi area of Kyoto.

This hotel, designed by Finnish product designer Harri Koskinen, offers a stylish and comfortable stay. The 60 capsule rooms, known as ‘HUT,’ with their distinctive triangular roofs, are all creatively directed by Koskinen. The details extend to the wood textures, lighting, and even graphic and product design.

Each room features original design socket plates, timer-controlled dimming lights, hanger hooks, and hangers. The ‘MAJA KIOTO’ textile pattern designed by Harri Koskinen and produced by Marimekko is used in the roll curtains and bed linens.

The hotel’s exclusive lounge has 16 seats and is equipped with a kettle, microwave, refrigerator, crockery, and a self-drink corner. Breakfast is served at CAFE AALTO on the ground floor.

The hotel provides comprehensive amenities like nightwear, room slippers, bath and face towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, earplugs, hairbrush, and razor.

MAJA HOTEL KYOTO is a cozy and stylish women-only capsule hotel. It’s a unique experience worth trying when touring Kyoto.

After relaxing in the women-only room and lounge, it’s time for a kimono experience! What’s trending in Japan now is ‘cute’ antique kimonos. They are styled traditionally with a twist, like adding lace, reminiscent of an anime world.
Stay tuned for our next video where we will introduce this more.

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店名は、月まで行って帰って来る距離くらい、愛しているよという表現の[moon and back]。

京都の中心部、河原町エリアに位置する女性専用カプセルホテル「MAJA HOTEL KYOTO」です。
各部屋にはオリジナルデザインのコンセントプレート、タイマー式調光、ハンガーフック、ハンガーが完備。さらに、ハッリ・コスキネンがデザインしたテキスタイルパターン「MAJA KIOTO」をMarimekkoが制作したロールカーテンやベッドリネンにも使用されています。
宿泊者専用のラウンジには16席があり、湯沸かしポット、電子レンジ、冷蔵庫、食器類、セルフドリンクコーナーが完備されています。朝食は1階のCAFE AALTOで提供されます。
MAJA HOTEL KYOTOは、居心地の良さとおしゃれなデザインが特徴の女性専用カプセルホテルです。京都観光の際には、このホテルで特別な体験をしてみてください。








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