Tokyo to Nagano Onsen 別所温泉 グランピング 長野 信州最古の湯 hotspring 緑屋3 陣屋コネクト 貸し切り風呂 温泉女子 佐々木綾香 なないろjapantrip

Ayaka Sasaki

Report on Shinshu’s Oldest Hot Spring, Bessho Onsen’s Ryokan Midoriya 👀✨

The ryokan staff mentioned that since the baths are private, guests with tattoos can enter the hot springs without any issues. They encouraged us to relax and enjoy our stay to the fullest.

The balance between the non-face-to-face system and the hospitality of the ryokan’s couple was exquisitely good, leaving a very positive impression. It has become my favorite ryokan. It’s a ryokan where you can enjoy a supremely luxurious hot spring trip or workation.

They also taught us many ways to enjoy Bessho Onsen, so I will introduce them. At Ryokan Midoriya, you can enjoy both the main building and glamping. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, at Nanjo Ryokan, you can experience the classical and traditional atmosphere of a ryokan. So, I think staying at least one night each at Midoriya → Glamping → Nanjo Ryokan, making it a 3-night stay, would allow you to fully enjoy not only Bessho Onsen’s gourmet food, shrines, power spots, but also the experience of each accommodation.

信州最古の湯 別所温泉の緑屋レポート👀✨





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